Here Is a Mobile Way To Prepare For Performance Management For ICAN Exam.
This Subject Only Covers Managerial Accounting Part Of The Syllabus

Dear ICAN Student,

Performance Management Syllabus Is an Aggregation of 3 Courses:


  1. Business Management
  2. Management Accounting
  3. Information Technology.

This Virtual Training Class only covers Management Accounting, which is about 50% of the Performance Management Syllabus.

About The Author

My name is Emmanuel Daniels, a chartered accountant with working experience that cuts across banking, investment banking, oil & gas, manufacturing and trading. I have also been a part-time lecturer for ICAN tutorials since 2002 in a Tuition Centre In Festac Town. Also, I have been the sole lecturer for Cost Accounting for about 13 years now at the same tutorial centre. Also, I have lectured Management Accounting at the same tuition centre.


Furthermore, I am an IT skills courses facilitator who has trained a lot of professionals -Online and offline courses. My online training courses includes: Advanced Excel, VBA Programming, Ms Word, Sage50, QuickBooks, HTML Web Design, Advanced PowerPoint, Ms Access etc.


As a corollary to the above and with the objective of facilitating learning for the preparation for ICAN exam,  I have created a Comprehensive video training course which covers Management Accounting Part Of The Performance Management Syllabus - With this,  you can walk through on your own, and give you guaranteed Success in your examination. Also I can bet you, that you will not find this kind of video training anywhere, that teaches you in a very practical and interactive way. You can watch the videos even on your mobile devices.


Why I Created This Course:

  1. To create alternative solution for those who cannot afford to attend class lectures or require supplementary interactive training to class lecture.
  2. To Create alternative solution for those who have time constraints to prepare for the exam.
  3. To encourage students to maximise time by providing a mobile learning model.
  4. To aid students who started lectures very late and want to be in the same pace with class lecture.

Why You Need This Video Tutorials

  1. It takes more effort and time to learn, reading text books.
  2. You can watch the videos on any portable devices - Phones that can watch Videos, PCs etc. Bluetooth Videos on your android devices, tabs etc and play while you go to work.
  3. It is the same as if you keep hearing the lecturer anytime you watch the videos.
  4. Different kinds of question structure treated for each topic
  5. Retention capability is very high with video trainings.
  6. No Need To pay for cost of carriage. You can get the videos delivered instantly anywhere you are on planet earth.
  7. You have flexible access to receive more tutorials as they are made available without the limits imposed on CDs etc, just with a one-time payment.

Contents of Cost Accounting  Section

This Virtual Class Training For Management Accounting Has 4 Sections As Follows

Section 1 -Cost Accounting Tools

Cost Accounting Terminologies- Here we shall review some basic knowledge of Cost Accounting terms which are essential to enhance your appreciation of the whole contents of this course. Examples include concept of costs, other terminologies and also include cost classification.

Cost Behaviour And Estimation: Here, you will learn how to estimate costs used for planning and forecasting future cost relationships. Techniques such as least Squared method, Range method, will also be illustrated here with case questions and a step-by-step solution to each problem.

Overhead Costing And Activity-Based Costing:- On this video, you will learn about the concept of overhead, the application of keywords used in Overhead Costing such as cost allocation, absorption etc. Also, you will learn about secondary apportionment and the techniques used. Finally, the concept of Activity Based Costing will be treated with case questions and step-by-step solutions.

Section 2 -Planning And Control Tools

Budgeting And Budgetary Control:- This topic contains 2 videos that teaches you about budgeting that covers the scope of the Syllabus. You also have animated illustrations that will enhance your learning experience, illustrative cases and questions with step-by- step solution that covers Functional budgets, Cash budgets, budgeted income statement and Balance sheet as well as Flexible Budget.

Standard Costing And Variance Analysis:- You have never seen an easy way to understand the dreaded standard costing using descriptive teaching approach. Also, about 10 different kinds of questions were solved that will give you the knowledge to solve any kind of question on this topic. You have simple standard costing questions, Mix and yield with single unit measures for materials, mix and yield with multiple unit measure, Advanced Sales Variances as well as planning and operating variance.

Section 3 -Decision Making Tools

Introduction To Cost Accounting Techniques:- This video teaches you how to how/when to use 2 different kinds of Cost Accounting Techniques - Marginal And Absorption Costing Techniques.

Application Of Marginal Costing Techniques To Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis:-Here you will be able to draw 5 relationships from Marginal Costing Operating Statement Format that will provide the framework for you to understand CVP analysis. Also, you will learn about different problem solving approach and when to use them, learn how to construct Breakeven chart, Learn the Concept of Margin of Safety. You have simple to complicated questions used here with step-by-step solutions to the problem.

Tactical Decision Making - Product Profitability:- You will take your knowledge on Marginal Costing to make decisions regarding continuation of a product line.

Tactical Decision Making - Limiting Factors: Here, you will take your knowledge further, on Marginal Costing and use same to determine how to allocate scarce resources to activities that consume the resources.

Tactical Decision Making - Special Order:-On this topic, you will learn how to use marginal costing to make decisions regarding special Orders from Customer.

Tactical Decision Making - Make Or Buy Decision:-Here, you will learn how to solve problems regarding decisions to produce or contract production to an outside supplier.

Tactical Decision Making - Temporal Short Down:-You will learn how to use Marginal costing to make decisions regarding temporal Shut down of operations.

Pricing Decisions:- Here, you will learn different ways organizations  determine prices and also learn how to apply marginal costing to pricing.

Linear Programming:- Here, you will learn how to allocate scarce resources with multiple binding constraints, using Linear Programming Mathematical model.

Decision Making Under Risks And Uncertainty:-On this topic, you will learn about risks and uncertainty, the concept of expected value, ways to measure risks and applications to business decision making problems.

Learning Curve Theory:-You will learn how to apply Learning Curve Theory to decision making problems such as product pricing, etc.

Section 4 -Performance Evaluation Tools


Divisional Performance Evaluation:-On this video, you will learn about divisional structure, different ways of measuring divisional performance using measures such as residual income etc.

Transfer Pricing:-You will learn how to apply transfer pricing in a divisionalized structure.

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