Are You Preparing For Management Information Exam At the Foundation Level Of ICAN? You Now Have A Mobile Way To Prepare For Your Exam Even If You Started Lecture Late


Now You Have An Interactive Way To Learn And Pass Management Information


Dear ICAN Student,


My name is Emmanuel Daniels, a chartered accountant with working experience that cuts across banking, investment banking, oil & gas, manufacturing and trading. I have also been a part-time lecturer for ICAN tutorials since 2002 in a Tuition Centre In Festac Town. Also, I have been the sole lecturer for Cost Accounting for about 9 years now at the same tutorial centre.


Furthermore, I am an IT skills courses facilitator who has trained a lot of professionals -Online and offline courses. My online training courses includes: Advanced Excel, VBA Programming, Ms Word, Sage50, QuickBooks, HTML Web Design, Advanced PowerPoint, Ms Access etc.


As a corollary to the above and with the objective of facilitating learning for the preparation for ICAN exam, at the Foundation Level, I have created a Complete video training course on Management Information - IT and Costing, that you can walk through on your own, and give you guaranteed Success in your examination. Also I can bet you, that you will not find this kind of video training anywhere, that teaches you in a very practical and interactive way. You can watch the videos even on your mobile devices.


Why I Created This Course:

  1.  I observed that Management Information comprises Costing Accounting and Information Technology, which I also lecture. The IT part requires practical knowledge and or hands-on experience on the use of computer or familiarity with some IT architecture, in real life. Yet, many students lack these practical knowledge and are not even familiar with these architecture.
  2. The text books on IT alone, cannot give them a good level of appreciation of most of the subject matter being discussed except for those who have seen the systems in real life. They make extra effort, trying to commit these knowledge base to memory with only a nodding acquaintance of how the systems work.
  3. Many students do not have the time to adequately prepare for the exam due to time constraints or other constraints that preclude them from carrying text books or reading in the office.
  4. A lot of students starts lectures very late and are not able to adequately prepare for the examination due to inadequate time.

Why You Need This Video Tutorials


  1. It takes more effort and time to learn, reading text books.
  2. You can watch the videos on any portable devices - Phones that can watch Videos, PCs etc. Bluetooth Videos on your android devices, tabs etc and play while you go to work.
  3. It is the same as if you keep hearing the lecturer anytime you watch the videos.
  4. you see graphic presentation of the IT configuration as it is being explained.
  5. Retention capability is very high with video trainings.
  6. No Need To pay for cost of carriage. You can get the videos delivered instantly anywhere you are on planet earth.
  7. You have flexible access to receive more tutorials as they are made available without the limits imposed on CDs etc, just with a one-time payment.

Contents of Cost Accounting  Section

  1. Introduction To Cost Accounting:- This Chapter covers the definition, principles, scope and objectives of Cost Accounting.
  2. Cost Accounting Framework- This Chapters covers a wide Glossary of Cost Accounting terms with practical examples, cost coding, cost classification etc.
  3. Cost Behaviour:-On this chapter, you will learn about the concept of cost behaviour, Cost Behaviour Patterns, Cost Estimation Techniques Plus Practice Problems.
  4. Inventory Control:-This Chapter covers inventory control with reference to transaction workflow, control systems, Stock levels, EOQ, Inventory Costing plus practical problems.
  5. Labour Costing:-This Chapter dealt with Salaries and wages administration, labour records, Administrative issues such as Labour Turnover plus practical questions.
  6. Overhead Costing:-On this Chapter, you will learn the principles of overhead costing, overhead analysis sheet, overhead absorption, secondary apportionment, service costs centres, plus practice questions.
  7. Cost Accounting Methods:-This Chapter is divided into 4 sections as follows - Job & Batch Costing, Contract Costing, Process Costing, Service Costing, plus practical questions.
  8. Cost Accounting Techniques:- On this chapter, you will learn about Marginal and Absorption costing Techniques and their Applications.
  9. Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis:-On this chapter, you will learn how to apply Marginal Costing Techniques to Breakeven Analysis. You cannot find this kind of illustrative style anywhere. A test dive will convince you.
  10. Decision Making:- This Chapter teaches you how to apply Marginal Costing Techniques To tactical decision-making problems. It covers four sections which are: - Product Profitability, Limiting Factors, Acceptance Of A Special Order and Make or Buy Decision.
  11. Budgetary Control:-This Chapter has three sections as follows - Budgetary Control and Working Capital Management, Cost Control And Cost Reduction
  12. Contents of IT Section

    The course contents was carefully prepared after a thorough examination and analysis of the current syllabus and include the following:

    1. The Concepts Of Systems:- Definition, Types of systems, system environment, feedback and control, predictive behaviour of systems, system hierarchy.
    2. Computer Systems - hardware, software
    3. Information Systems And Business Application -Data and information, Classification of information systems, functional business systems
    4. Data Processing Methods -Batch, online, Real-time, Distributed Systems, Multi-tasking
    5. IT and Effects On Information Systems -Impacts on organizations, impact on accounting profession, impact on society
    6. Computer Application And Decision Making:-Integrated approach, Database etc.
    7. System Management And Security:-System Management, System Security, Types of maintenance.
    8. Information System Security:-Threats, computer crimes and abuse, network security
    9. The Internet And Its Application:-Network resources, internet concepts such as web, webpage, website, HTTP, architecture, web hosting, internet capability
    10. Computer Networks And Data Communications:-Types of topologies (Star, bust etc),types of networks (LAN, WAN, MAN), hardware and software components, protocols.
    11. MIS Organization And Change Management:-Structure Of MIS organization, functions Of IT departments and key management staff, definition of change management, information systems planning activities, human aspects of change, resistance to change, re-engineering a business process, change procedures -acquisition, implementation, documentation etc, conversion -Parallel run, pilot, direct and phased conversion.
    12. Glossary Of Terms:-Video explanation of Business Intelligence, Online Analytical Processing (OLAP), Data warehouse, Data mining, intranet, Hub, Backup, Bandwidth, Cookie,HTML, IP Address, Domain Name,FTP,Firewalls, Search Engines,Throughput

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Do I need To Stop Reading Books For IT?

That is not what I mean but at the same time, this video course can serve as a perfect substitute. However, since IT is very broad, you can still read your text books, attend lectures if you can and also use the videos to gain more insight to what is explained in the text books. But if you do not have enough time for study, this video course is the only solution.

Remember, if you Fail Management Information At First Attempt, it is you fault


How Can I Have Access?


You can have access to download the full tutorials for N5,000. This is Price is valid for a short time.


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