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For Those Who Want A Thorough Coverage Of The Syllabus When Time Is A Constraint

Dear ICAN Student,


My name is Emmanuel Daniels, a chartered accountant with working experience that cuts across banking, investment banking, oil & gas, manufacturing and trading. I have also been a part-time lecturer for ICAN tutorials since 2002 in a Tuition Centre In Festac Town.


Furthermore, I am an IT skills courses facilitator who has trained a lot of professionals -Online and offline courses. My online training courses includes: Advanced Excel, VBA Programming, Ms Word, Sage50, QuickBooks, HTML Web Design, Advanced PowerPoint, Ms Access etc.


As a corollary to the above and with the objective of facilitating learning for the preparation for ICAN exam, at the Skills Level, I have created a Complete video lecture course on Financial Reporting that you can walk through on your own, and give you guaranteed Success in your examination. Also I can bet you, that you will not find this kind of video training anywhere, that teaches you in a very practical and interactive way. You can watch the videos even on your mobile devices.


Why I Created This Course:

Many students do not have the time to adequately prepare for the exam due to time constraints or other constraints that preclude them from carrying text books or reading in the office.


A lot of students starts lectures very late and are not able to adequately prepare for the examination due to inadequate time.


Why You Need This Video Tutorials

  1. It takes more effort and time to learn, reading text books.
  2. You can watch the videos on any portable devices - Phones that can watch Videos, PCs etc. Bluetooth Videos on your android devices, tabs etc and play while you go to work.
  3. It is the same as if you keep hearing the lecturer anytime you watch the videos.
  4. Retention capability is very high with video training.
  5. No Need To pay for cost of carriage. You can get the videos delivered instantly anywhere you are on planet earth.
  6. You have flexible access to receive more tutorials as they are made available without the limits imposed on CDs etc, just with a one-time payment.

Category For This Video Lecture

This video lecture is divided into TWO parts as follows:


  • Applicable Standards - This Covers All the applicable IFRS and IAS in connection with the current syllabus. Also, each standard is made explicit with many practical case studies and past questions.
  • Financial Statements - This area covers separate financial statements (for internal use and publications), Group Account And Financial Statement Analysis.

Areas Covered

  1. FR-A001-Preface TO IFRS
  2. FR-A002-Conceptual Framework
  3. FR-A003-Qualitative Characteristics Of Financial Statements
  4. FR-A004-IAS 1 - Presentation Of Financial Statements
  5. FR-A004B-IAS2 - Inventories
  6. FR-A005- IAS 16 - Properties, Plants & Equipment
  7. FR-A006-IAS 7 - Statement Of Cash Flow
  8. FR-A007-IAS 8 - Accounting Policies, Estimates And Errors
  9. FR-A008-IAS 10 - Events After The Reporting Date
  10. FR-A009 -IAS 11 - Construction Contracts
  11. FR-A010-IAS 18 - Revenue Recognition
  12. FR-A011-IAS 17-Accounting For Lease
  13. FR-A012-IAS 20-Accounting For Government Grants
  14. FR-A013-IAS 23-Borrowing Costs
  15. FR-A014-IAS 12 - Income Taxes (With Deferred Tax)
  16. FR-A015-IAS 24 - Related Party Transactions
  17. FR-A016-IFRS1 - First Time Adopter
  18. FR-A017-IAS 27- Separate Financial Statements
  19. FR-A018-IFRS 3- Business Combination
  20. FR-A019-IFRS 10-Consolidated Financial Statements
  21. FR-A020-IAS28- Investments In Associates
  22. FR-A021-IFRS 11 - Joint Venture Arrangement
  23. FR-A022-IFRS 12-Disclosure Of Interests In other Entities
  24. FR-A023-IAS 33 - Earnings Per Share
  25. FR-A024-IAS 36 - Impairment Of Assets
  26. FR-A025-IAS 37-Contingent Liabilities & Contingent Assets
  27. FR-A026-IAS 38- Intangible Assets
  28. FR-A027-IFRS 9- Financial Instruments (And IAS 32,39)
  29. FR-A028-IAS40 - Investment Properties
  30. FR-A029-IFRS8 -Operating Segments
  31. FR-A030-IFRS5-Non-Current Assets Held for Resale And Discontinued Operations
  32. FR-B001-Consolidate Statement of Financial Position – What You Need To Know
  33. FR-B002-Simple Consolidated SOFP with 100% acquisition
  34. FR-B003-Calculation Of Goodwill With Deferred Consideration
  35. FR-B004- Simple Partial Acquisition
  36. FR-B005- Dealing With Irredeemable Preference Shares
  37. FR-B006- Dealing With Items In Transit
  38. FR-B007-Dealing With Dividends From Subsidiary
  39. FR-B-008 – Dealing With Available For Sale Investments
  40. FR-B-009 –Dealing With Multiple Consideration
  41. FR-C-001- Introduction To Consolidated Statement Of Profit Or loss
  42. FR-C-002- Consolidated Statement Of Profit Or Loss –Case 1
  43. FR-C-003- Consolidated Statement Of Profit Or Loss –Case 2
  44. FR-C-004- Consolidated Statement Of Profit Or Loss –Case 3
  45. FR-C-005- Consolidated Statement Of Profit Or Loss –Case 4
  46. FR-D-001-Introduction To Separate Financial Statement
  47. FR-D-002- Presentation Of Separate Financial Statement
  48. FR-D-003- Separate Financial Statement Case 1
  49. FR-D-004-Dealing With Adjustments In Published Accounts
  50. FR-D-005-Other Special Adjustments In Published Account
  51. FR-D-006 – A Comprehensive Question On Published Account

The Following Applies To Corporate Reporting And Are Not Available At The Moment

  1. CR-A031-IAS 19 - Employees Benefits
  2. FR-A027-IFRS 13- Fair Value Measurement
  3. CR-A032-IAS 21-Effect Of Changes In Foreign Exchange Rates
  4. CR-A033-IAS 26 - IAS 26 Accounting and Reporting by Retirement Benefit Plans
  5. CR-A034-IAS 29 Financial Reporting in Hyperinflationary Economies
  6. CR-A035-IAS 34 Interim Financial Reporting
  7. CR-A036-IAS 41 Agriculture
  8. CR-A037-IFRS 2 Share-based Payment
  9. CR-A038-IFRS 4 Insurance Contracts
  10. CR-A039-IFRS 6 Exploration for and Evaluation of Mineral Resources
  11. CR-A040-IFRS for SMEs

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