Mind Intelligence – A Need For Every Nigerian

I want to share with you, an article I composed, based on inspiration I received from a church message on a Sunday morning. I do not just write articles, as most of the articles I write, are based on inspiration from a message I hear in church, an event I hear about or see and even from my own personal experience.

My empirical analysis, I observed that mental capacity development has a lot to do with economic development. For instance, if you go to the USA, a Society that is already established and have everything working for them, what technology would you add to their society? I am sure you will have less to offer except you can develop a solution that solves a specific problem that the USA has not yet found a solution for; otherwise, you will be a force to be reckoned with and this will also create business opportunities for you.


Furthermore, I want you to know that the USA or any other developed economy did not get to the position they are now by being consumers but but by tasking their mental capacity to produce; check out the weaponry, check out the Hi- tech models they have; what else do you have to offer to their economy in terms of new technology except for a problem they have not solved? If you can offer anything, you need to provide something higher than what they already have.


Now, let us come to my own country, Nigeria. We have a lot of untapped potentials which provides opportunities for invention and profiting opportunities… In as much as we have Nigerians who are adding value to technology, so many Nigerians are not and are laid back when it comes to mental capacity development.
Our educational system is so poorly developed (not an excuse) and even when there are opportunities, we have half-backed graduates who will never settle to study and all these have a lot to do with parental upbringing and other factors as well.


If we can put our mental capability to work, if we can teach our children to be creative, then we shall have citizens with high intelligence quotient, who can create models for solving technical problems in the economy as well as in business. We shall also have people who will explore our untapped potentials and create solutions to problems.

Parents should help their children channel their innate abilities in a positive direction; they should encourage them to learn at their early stage of life and also inculcate in them, the ills of cheating in examinations.


Also, they should be encouraged to embrace information technology when they are young. For example, the early sensitization of two Nigerians age 11 and 13, who were born of the same parents made them a developer. In fact, they were able to develop a browser called “crocodile lite”, which is faster than Google Chrome; you can visit their website to confirm this.


Start today to make a difference tomorrow – ICT skills can provide valuable opportunities.

What do you think about this post? any comment?

Emmanuel Daniels

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