Do Not Execute Your Next Oil & Gas Transaction Without Using These Models.Minimize Your Losses By Using These Models To Plan Every Transaction.

Dear Oil & Gas Businessman,

    1. Do You Own A Downstream Oil & Gas Company?
    2. Do You Import or Trade On Petroleum Products
    3. Do You Own An Oil Storage Facility Or Plan To Build One?


    1. Are You A Financial Controller, An Accountant, Marketer Or Operations Manager?


  1. Do You Intend To Run A Downstream Oil Business

If You fall into any of these categories listed above, Then I am inviting you to participate in my Virtual Downstream Oil & Gas Financial Modelling Program

No Class Session Required!!!

Background To This Virtual Oil & Gas Training

The risky nature of the Oil & Gas Business (although, high returns), necessitates planning of all fact, most calculated losses (incurred by companies) in the sector are partly attributable to absence of financial models to effectively plan oil & gas transactions.More also, the skill gap among oil & gas managers on their ability to deploy the appropriate tools necessitated this Virtual Training.

Furthermore, many Oil & gas businesses operate their businesses on " Turnover for the banks" and not profit. Real Profits are eroded by hidden bank charges, which makes transactions (that are actually loss transactions), look profitable.

Tank Farm projects have been abandoned or facility not approved due to the inability of the project sponsor to justify the approval of the project finance facility.

Credit facilities have not been approved because of the skill required to prepare a financial model to satisfy bank requirements.

Benefits Of This Virtual Training Course

  1. Participants will learn how to build Oil & Gas Financial Models To Manage Transactions.
  2. They will learn how to Prepare Financial Models for Oil & Gas Project & Transaction Financing.
  3. Identify Charges that can kill Your Oil & Gas transactions, though always ignored.

Contents Of This Training

This training teaches you how to use Excel to create Oil & Gas Financial Models in the downstream petroleum Business. A Basic knowledge and regular user of Ms Excel is required. However, participants will be taken through some Excel Skill set that is required to build these models.

The Course Contents Are As Follows:

Module #1 - The Nigerian Oil & Gas Business Overview: This Module contains a video that teaches about the different kinds of business models in the downstream sector and how you can make money from them as well as pitfalls. More also, the kind of financing suitable for each model.

Module #2 - Overview Of Financial Modelling: This is a video that teaches the whole concept of financial modelling, best approach, components of a financial model as well as  constructing the right structure.

Module #3 - This Module introduces you to Excel Functions you need to know as an Oil & Gas  financial Modeler.

Excel Function Practice - Module 4 in 4 parts

Module #4 Part 1 - Excel Function Practice. Here, you have 4 videos encapsulated in two folders that helps you to ace your Excel Skills. On the First Folder, you are drilled about Excel Formulas and syntax and on the second, you take a dive to Maths and Stats Functions.

Module #4 Part 2-  This part contains 4 videos encapsulated in 3 folders that teaches you - Logical functions, Finance Functions, Date Functions

Module #4 Part 3- This part contains 4 videos encapsulated in 2 folders -Lookup Function & Data Validation/Hyperlinks

Module #4 Part 4 - This Part has 4 videos that teaches you What-if-Analysis tools (Solver, Data tables, Goal Seek, Scenario) and another one that teaches you how to create a custom-sheet protection.

Module #5 - Here you have a video that teaches you how to Construct A Model to manage Corporate Supplies With/Without Invoicing Discounting Facility.

Module # 6 - Here, you have videos that teaches you how to build a standard product costing template that you can use to manage imports sold STS, Import sold via depot, purchases made locally from NNPC.

Module #7 - Here, you will learn how to Consolidate the Model on Module 6 and build a template that you can use to manage spot sales from Depot or how to construct a financial projection in this regard for sourcing for bank facilities.

Module 8 - Here, you will learn how to also consolidate the model on Module 6 & 7 and add a template you can use to construct a financial model for imports & Bulk Offshore Purchases.

Module 9 - Here, you will learn how to construct a financial model for financing & managing truck/haulage. This will enable ascertain Payback period.

Module 10 - You will learn how to build a tank farm Financial Model that can help you manage your tank farm projects. You will also have a complex amortization schedule that helps you see how much exposure you will have with your banks when they finance tank farm projects as well as the optimal pay back period.

Module 11 - This is a video that helps you to consolidate all models into a complete downstream oil & Gas Financial model in just one package.

How Will These Modules Be Delivered

This will not be a crash program. On subscription, you will get each module through a follow up series via emails and on a daily basis, except weekends. Then you download the videos and watch offline on your PCs or any device that can watch videos.

You also have practice work sheet for each practice modules.

Here is a Test Dive Of A Video From One of The Modules

Watch Sample Video"

What Is The Cost Of This Virtual Training Program?


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  1. Pay The sum Into any of:
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  3. Send A Text Of Your Full Names And Email to any of 08127708077,08035786640
  4. Check your email in 5 Minutes after sending the text, confirm the link sent to you and download all the videos.


About Facilitator

The facilitator a chartered accountant, has 14 years experience (which includes 6 years in Oil & Gas) in shipping & logistics, commercial banking, investment banking and manufacturing. He is an IT skill facilitator (Advanced Excel, VBA, Access, Sage50,QuickBooks), a business plan writer etc.

Facilitator -Emmanuel Daniels

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