1. Learn The Principles And Steps To Building Financial Models And Take Your Skills Further To Creating User Friendly Dashboard In Excel
    This Is A Two-In-One Course That Enhances Your Excel Skills Beyond Advanced Excel, Right From The Comfort Of Your Home

From The Virtual Office Of Emmanuel Daniels

3-5 Day Courses in Excel are good but you cannot learn everything in 3 -5 days. In fact, I Started learning Excel 17 years ago and I am still learning because the program is so deep.
To Help you enhance your skills outside those 3-day programs, I have created this 2-in-1 course which is now officially launched on 24/7/2017, apart from the advanced Excel and VBA for Excel Courses I created in 2014.

This course comprises:

  1. Financial Modelling In Excel
  2. Building Dashboards In Excel

Why This Course?

  1. It is a must for finance professionals because they cannot do without number crunching.
  2. Statisticians, Engineers, Meteorologist and others in the science Field use Excel for data analysis and presentations
  3. It gives you accuracy and speed as well as edge over your peers.
  4. Top Level Managers Are less interested in details but need a quick view of results
  5. Top Level Managers want to see different aspects of a problem without being cumbered with too much details.
  6. Use Excel to by-pass a lot of time-consuming data entry functions.
  7. Use Excel to build models you can use to evaluate the profit potential or a project or transactions thereby, minimizing business losses.
  8. Use Excel to build templates to check excess bank charges
  9. Use Excel to build a customized accounting solution with forms if you cannot afford an accounting software for you business at the moment.
  10. Why Subscribe For My Virtual Training?

You cannot learn Excel in 3 days - Use this program to build you skill set over time If you cannot pay N50,000 to N100,000 to take your Excel Skills to an Advanced Level, this program is for you

  1. If you do not have the time to attend class training, this program is for you
  2. If you want to learn how to build financial models, this program is for you

Contents Of The Financial Modelling Course

  1. What Is A Financial Model?.

    1. Components Of A Financial Model

    1. Developing Your Model Structure

    1. Quality Control In Financial Models.

    1. Formula Rules In Financial Modelling

    1. Using The IF Function In Financial Models

    1. Using The Index & Match Functions In Financial Models

    1. Using The Choose & V LookUp In Financial Modelling

    1. Running What-If-Analysis Scenarios With The Index Function

    1. Finance Functions For The Modeller

    1. Computing Compound Average Growth Rate

    1. Date Functions For The Modeller

    1. End User Interaction - Data Validation & Outlining

    1. Controlled data Entry With List Boxes And Combo Boxes

    1. Restricting Data Entry With Protection

    1. Performing What-If-Analysis

    1. Exploring The Need For Macros

    1. Financial Modeling Advice

    1. Creating An Inventory Management Template - Intro

    1. Creating An Inventory Management Template - Getting Started

    1. Completing Your Inventory Template

    1. Creating The Structure For A Simple Accounting Template

    1. Creating Navigation Buttons For Your Accounting Program

    1. Validating Your Cash Accounts - Accounting Program

    1. Linking The GL Account With The Cash Account

    1. Linking The Cashbook GL Summary

    1. Linking The General Journal & Extended Trial Balance

    1. Linking & Creating The Final Trial Balance

    1. Adding Protection To Our Simple Accounting Program

    1. Creating A Simple Sales Summary & Analysis Report

    1. Building A Financial Statement Model For Business Plan

B - Dashboard Presentation

    1. What Is A Dashboard ?

    1. Data Source For Your Dashboard Presentation

    1. Excel Functions For Dashboard Presentation

    1. Starting With Excel Charts For Dashboard

    1. Creating A Bar chart

    1. Creating A Column chart

    1. Creating A Line chart

    1. Creating A Combo chart

    1. Creating A Pie chart

    1. Creating An Area chart

    1. Creating A Scattered chart

    1. Creating A Stock chart

    1. Creating A Surface chart

    1. Creating A Radar chart

    1. Creating A Two-Axis Chart

    1. Adding A Series To An Existing Chart

    1. Handling Missing Data

    1. Introduction To Chart Formatting

    1. Formatting Chart Axes, Titles & Legends

    1. Introduction To Pivot Table

    1. Understanding Pivot Table Field List

    1. Working Through The Pivot Table Contextual Tab

    1. Working With Date Field

    1. Grouping By Other Factors on A Pivot Table

    1. Introduction To Slicers

    1. Creating A Pivot Chart

    1. Extracting Information From A Pivot Table/Pivot Chart

    1. Starting With Excel Charts For Dashboard

    1. Creating A Histogram From A Pivot Table

    1. Charting A Survey Result From A Pivot Table

    1. Creating Sparklines

    1. Creating Dynamic Labels

    1. Using Excel Camera Tool

    1. Creating Formula Driven Labels

    1. Using Fancy Fonts For Visualization

    1. Introducing Macros For Dashboard

    1. Creating Navigation Buttons With Macros

    1. Changing Chart Types With Macros

    1. Showing Trends On Our Dashboard

    1. Grouping Data On Dashboard

    1. Measuring Performance Against Target

    1. Adding Interactive Controls - Checkbox, Combo box, List Box, Option Button


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Running Scenarios With The Index Function

Computing Compound Average Growth Rate

Excel Functions For Dashboard Presentation

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