Learn How You Can Become A Programmer Using Visual Basics For Excel And Build Your Own Applications Without Even Attending Any Programming Class

Yes, You Can, Because You Have a Nifty Microsoft Office Tool At Your Disposal Yet, You Do Not Know That You Can Build Your Own Application With This Tool Visual Basics!

No Classroom Training Required!!!

From The Virtual Training Classroom

Dear Prospective Excel Programmer,

Do you know that you can become a programmer without racking your brain? Yes, You can because you use a common Microsoft Office Application called “Excel”. Also, you do not need to know all the mumbo jumbo of writing unintelligible scripts just like you have in other programming language-All you need to know is a simple language that you can resonate with-Simple English!

Truly, Excel is a readily available application installed on virtually, every PC. A lot of individuals don’t get pass the elementary stage of using Excel as a mere calculator-Just to do simple addition and subtraction. Others can use the Excel Application to the level of recording macros and no more.

If you are in the above category, it means that you still far from being an Excel Guru. Why not take the knowledge you have on Excel beyond the Excel Application with programming using Visual Basics?

But you Might ask: “Why Should I Learn VBA when I know Advanced Excel?”

I will tell you because:

  1. The Macro recorder has limits as it only comprise less than 1% functionality for writing programs. More so, not all programs can be recorded on a macro.
  2. With VBA, you can push beyond the limits of the capabilities embedded in Excel and make Excel work the way you want.
  3. With VBA, you can automate your Excel Spreadsheets that will give you a quicker turnaround time using Excel
  4. With VBA, you can create your own applications, create custom reports, and perform special kind of data analysis.
  5. With VBA, even the dullest individual can be a programmer
  6. VBA is a programming language in plain English, created by Microsoft. You can use VBA to change the way an application works.
  7. All office programs come with VBA; you do not need to pay extra to buy the application. You have it on your PC but you do not know
  8. Use VBA to simplify a complex calculation
  9. Use VBA to retrieve information from a database program
  10. Use VBA to increase your market value for job placements
  11. Among all the benefits that you can get when you learn this application, you can also build custom applications for your clients.

Why You Need To Register For This Virtual Training Course on VBA

  1. VBA cannot be learnt in a 3-day or one-week crash training program.
  2. Most IT courses includes VBA as a course in the whole package which might costs you over N200,000.
  3. Even Specialized training courses would cost you no less than N70,000 and you have to spend over 3 months (For weekend classes) to complete even the basics.
  4. You need to devote sufficient time to complete the onsite training Courses.
  5. Reading Bulky books on VBA is never a pleasant experience. In fact, you will have nausea when you try to learn VBA reading bulky books
  6. In view of The constraints above, I have decided to create this Video Training courses comprising aver 50 videos in 15 Modules to ease you VBA learning Experience

Here are the Course Outlines:

Module 1-Overview of VBA:-On this Module, you will be taken through a review of the Macro Recorder, understand the essence of learning VBA including the advantages as well as disadvantages. This Module Will be delivered immediately You confirm your registration.

Module 2-Tour Of The VBA Editor:-This Module will be delivered One Day after Module 1. Here, you are going to be given a tour guide to the VBA Editor. You will also understand the uses of different areas such as the project explorer, Code Window, Properties Window etc.

Module 3-VBA Code Window & Settings-This module will be delivered One day after Module 2. Here, you will learn how and why you have to turn on code settings, which settings are useful etc.

Module 4-Inspecting Object with Object Browser: This module will be delivered two days after Module 3 Here you will learn how to use the Object Brower to identify objects that you can manipulate in VBA. Also, you will understand the concept of Object, Properties and Methods as well as how to get help to facilitate the use of objects and their properties. Finally, you will also learn how to protect your programs with password.

Module 5-Getting Started With VBA:-On this module you are about to get your first feel of VBA by building your own codes on a Module rather than recording them. This Module comprises 5 Videos and will be delivered 3 days after Module 4. This is because I want you to take your time and browse through the object browser to get familiar with various Excel objects, properties and methods. Also, you will learn, on this module, how to customize the behaviour of your code window using Option Explicit, Option Private Module, understand the concept of sub procedures and function procedures. More also, you will learn how to manipulate text in VBA and also create your own custom functions. Finally, you will also learn how to use a Sub Routine to call another sub routine

Module 6-Declaring Variables:-This Module comprises 4 videos and will be delivered 5 days after module 5. Here, you will learn how to use variable declaration on your programs, learn about constants, Life and scope of a declared Variable.

Module 7-A Little Dive Into Objects & Properties:-This module comprises 6 Videos and shall be delivered 4 days after Module 6. Here, you will learn about Some commonly used Excel objects and their properties and methods. Also, you will get to use the offset property in your programs to direct cursor movements.

Module 8-Excel VBA Functions:-This Module comprises 5 Videos and will be delivered 4 days after Module 7. Here, you will learn how to Use Excel and built-in VBA Functions in your programs, Use Text manipulation functions, Create User defined functions.

Module 9-Directing Your Programs With Statements:-This Module comprises 5 videos and will be delivered 4 days after Module 8. Here, you will learn about different kinds commands that you can use to add logic to your programs.. This includes the use of IF statement, ElseIF, Select case, Multi-level and nested IF statements.

Module 10- Using Loops In Your Programs:-This Module comprises 7 Videos and will be delivered 4 days after Module 9. Here, you will learn how to direct program flow with loops and use same to automate spreadsheet calculations. This also includes explanations on the use of the GoTo Statement. In addition, you will learn about different kinds of looping structure and know when to use them. Finally, you will be taking a tour on the use of arrays in programming.

Module 11-Creating Events In Your Programs:- This module comprises 6 videos and will be delivered 5 days after Module 10. Here, you will learn how to create workbook and worksheets related events.

Module 12-handing Errors And Debugging Techniques:-This Module comprises 8 videos and shall be delivered 5 days after Module 10. Here, you will learn about 3 types of programming errors and how to handle them. More also, you will learn how to create error handler in your codes, use Error objects in your codes, learn about debugging tools such as message box, Immediate window, Watch window, Break-point etc.

Module 13-Deep Dive Into Excel Objects:-This module comprises about 5 videos and it will extend your knowledge of what you have learnt on Module 7. More emphasis will be placed on the use of the Application Object, properties and Methods.

Module 14-User Interaction With Forms:-This module comprises about 8 videos and shall be delivered 5 days after Module 13. Here, you will learn more about the use of the message box, input box, Forms and the use of Form controls in application development including adding tabs. You will also, know how to add codes that makes your user forms or applications to work.

Module 15-Running With VBA:-Here, you will wrap up all you have learnt on all the modules. This includes saving your projects, protecting your projects, application development methodology. This also includes adding program execution to the Excel Ribbon.

With all the contents highlighted above, I will show you in the videos how you extend your knowledge far beyond the contents above.

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