MS Excel 5When people say, ” I want to learn excel, the question is, “at what level?”…I know those who have this intent know that there is much to learn but they don’t know the extent.

Here are types of Excel training you can take and the order in which you should take them. Note that, there are different variants under these categories but the list here is generic.

1. ADVANCED EXCEL – Here you learn excel from scratch, getting to the depth of excel functions, understanding some basic concepts such as reference, arguments, etc. You can take this at different level from basic, intermediate, advanced, etc.

My ADVANCED EXCEL TUTORIAL, teaches you more than what you would learn in a 5-Days Excel Training.

2. EXCEL DASHBOARD REPORTING – (Without Power Excel). Here is a special area that takes you to the depth of excel charts, data analysis on tables, creating chart and chartless visualizations. Please if you have never attended Advanced Excel training, you will be wasting your time and money attending this course because you are building from the depth of knowledge you have about Advanced Excel.

3. POWER EXCEL – Here is another level of data analysis. Here, you learn power Pivot, power Query, Power View and DAX. This is a step to Microsoft Power BI. The knowledge you gain here, will help you build powerful business intelligence reports, creates measures, KPIs, etc.

4. FINANCIAL MODELING – This is for those in corporate finance and investment banking and its very broad as there are different types of financial models. The knowledge gained here will help you build financial Models for valuation purposes, Project finance as well as extrapolating future business performance.

If you are not strong in Advanced Excel, Dashboard, please do not waste your time and money attending this training. Many facilitators will not tell you. They just want your money.

5. EXCEL VBA – This is for everyone who do a lot of work, carrying on repetitive tasks, working with large datasets and want to automate some processes or build Apps, and even write your own Functions. VBA can do in seconds, what would have taken you weeks to handle. VBA Skills makes you a Power Excel User.

The above types of training cannot be combined as you will never get any value from them. You can either take physical class or virtual class, like the one I have HERE. Virtual training are very powerful and effective because for most physical classes, you would have forgotten the subject matter or the knowledge gained during the training. But these virtual training can help you reinforce what you have learnt.

Why Videos Are the Best Way To learn

But when you learn through videos…

1. You save a lot of money
2. You get a lot of value
3. It is flexible
4. You can always make reference
5. It makes you flow well when you attend physical class, if you plan to do so.

Even if physical classes are out of your budget, these virtual classes will never be out of your budget.

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