In year 2000, when I got my first job in a manufacturing company as an account officer; then we had a chief accountant, an account supervisor, two (2) account officers, a cashier and one (1) computer operator.

If you see the pile of books we use to maintain our records, you will tremble…great fear will grip you and you will wonder if you will be sleeping in the office; they are as big as Mount Everest… Many hours of trying to balance account with a lot of mistakes and in fact, we were always late in preparation of accounting reports.


Everything was done manually while we had only one computer used to type letters to bank, compile reports, etc…We had one software called MYOB accounting that no one in the account department could use.


Before I got that job, I had never used computer in my life (please don’t laugh at me because I am a computer guru now). During the my two and half years working there, I was struggling to learn Ms Word and Excel.

In Jan 2003, I got a job in a trading company that already had Peachtree Accounting. Do you know what? I knew accounting well but Accounting Software, I was an illiterate. Imagine having a computer in front of me with Peachtree installed and no one to teach me… Do you know what I did? I read a 700 page Peachtree book in 8 days and within 2 weeks, I could use Peachtree in 2003.


Afterwards, when I saw how accounting software makes life easy for the accountant, I started to have a crazy crave to learn computer application that has brought me to where I am today.

Are you an accountant or do you know any accountant who is still using manual records, kindly them them that the job of the future accountant lies in the ability to deploy ICT tools. Encourage them to go for training on accounting software and if they are too busy, you can introduce them to my Virtual Sage 50 or QuickBooks training. These are programs where you can learn how to use any of two simple accounting software and take your accounting career to the next level.


What value do you expect to add to your your employer or prospective employer if you are an accountant without any knowledge of how to use simple accounting software? – No more than you can give in the stone age era.


We are no longer in the stone age so become a technology accountant today. Attend a training class on accounting software or use my model where you can learn anywhere without any class training.


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