Many Excel users claim to be gurus in Excel; they are comfortable with their knowledge of Advanced Excel and they felt that there is nothing more to learn. Ask some of them if they know about VBA, they will ask you, ” What is VBA?”. – In fact, many of them have never heard about VBA, let alone, seen the development environment.Now, I have something interesting to tell you -Little do you know that VBA runs behind so many office programs. Now, if you are reading this post, fire up Excel on your PC, press Alt + F11, and there you are – the VBA editor.


If you have done this, you now know that there is an application that runs behind Excel and other office programs. That application is called Visual Basics Application. In fact, there is a lot you can do with VBA when it comes to automating some tasks in Excel and creating functions that does not exist in Excel. Yes, you can create functions to calculate VAT, WHT, PAYE, etc.


Now, I want you to watch this video and look at how you can use VBA to create a simple function in Excel.


                 CLICK HERE to watch


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