Data analysis and presentation can be a very complex task most especially, if you work with a large mass of data on Excel. Also, there may be a demand to analyze data and present them in such a way that you can get different scenarios of a ” What-if-Analysis” problem just with the click of a button. This ordinarily, cannot be done without automating Excel.

Excel automation can only be done when you write scripts outside, from the back-end, to tell Excel what you want it to do rather than the way Excel feel this can be done. These scripts can be written on a module in the VBA environment and it is very easy to learn.

From the above, I want to share with you, 7 reasons every Excel lovers should learn VBA

1. Excel on its own is very limited.

For instance, you cannot create your own dialog boxes,  your own functions, add your own command buttons to the Excel Ribbon; if you want to do this, use VBA.

2. You Only Need VBA to automate Excel

If you want to automate your Excel Spreadsheets, use VBA.

3. Excel Marco recorder is very limited in its application to Excel automation. In fact, it is less than 1% resources useful for programming. If you want more tools, use VBA.

4. Use VBA to build Applications That Runs On Excel

If you want to create your own applications that runs on Excel like a Saving Account calculator I developed and other applications, use VBA to do it.

5. Use VBA to simplify complex calculations.

If you want to calculate how much PAYE that will be paid on an income, this calculations may be very complex. You can simply create a function, build an application, enter the parameters and with the click of a button, you get the results.

6. Use VBA To Retrieve Data From A Database

This is very useful to those who understand the SQL or other database structure

7. Use VBA To Enhance Your Market Value For job Placement

For example, my advanced Excel Skills greased with VBA, landed me a job at an investment banking firm.

Now that I have given you 7 perfect reasons why you should learn VBA, you can take different approach to achieve this. You can attend a specialized course on VBA, which is not common or take a core IT program (May cost you up to N200,000), where VBA is offered as a course.

Anyway way which takes little or nothing from you (between N5000 to N7000), yet the most effective, is to subscribe for a Virtual Program like on VBA

ow, I have given you 7 perfect reasons why you should learn VBA, I will also give you another 7 perfect reasons why should should subscribe for my Virtual VBA Course.

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