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About the Author

capppbAs a chartered accountant, I had worked in trading, manufacturing, oil and gas, investment banking, commercial banking, shipping and logistics, transport, a non-bank Agric Finance institution – all for 20 years, at the time of writing this in April 2021.

During my working life, I kept building skills in line with my career, learning about tools that will help me to be productive in my job, right from 2002.

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What My Clients Say
Rasak KafaruRasak KafaruSenior Consultant
I purchased some Microsoft learning videos from Emmanuel Daniels, which covers Advanced Excel as well as Financial Modeling. His style of teaching is exceptional. I also attended his business plan writing class in January 2020. His presentation of this course is in order and  I am still receiving value from all his training till today.

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Cynthia OssaiCynthia OssaiHuman Resource Practitioner
The training has really helped me increase my knowledge on Microsoft Excel. The training materials (videos) are top-notch with helpful tips and shortcuts.  I recommend this training for learners of Microsoft Excel at all levels.

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Olalekan Odewale ACAOlalekan Odewale ACAGroup Financial Director
I will like to give an assessment of the benefit of learning excel, financial modelling as well as business plan writing. Also, I thoroughly enjoyed the sound display of knowledge and knowledge communication by Mr. Emmanuel. his simple but well treated method of facilitating makes the training interesting.  Above all even after the training you are always available to assist with current resources and tools

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Adie EmmanuelAdie EmmanuelMD/CEO BAYETIN MFB
I must confess your training on HOW TO PREPARE BUSINESS PLAN was professional, well presented and the tips you shared were invaluable; looking forward to more trainings with you in the future….Ahhh lest I forget…the Excel training package you sent to me were explicit and easy to” learn on your own” module. .keep up the great work Sir…like I said, I look forward to more of your packages going forward.

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Moruff KazeemMoruff KazeemHND BSc MBA ACA
As a young Chartered Accountant eager to learn new financial technologies and data analytics, meeting Emmanuel Daniel ACA has been a source of blessings to me. I started learning advanced excel and data analytics around 2013 and to date, I have attended his training on financial modeling, business plan writing skills, VBA, advanced MS Word, MS PowerPoint for professionals, financial dashboards/Visualization, MS Business Intelligence, etc. All these have equipped me to become a sought-after accountant wherever I work.Furthermore, I have developed IFRS-based financial reporting solutions for both FMCG and service firms with automated reporting and KPI dashboards, prepared financial models ...

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I wish I had received these tutorials prior to 2013 and 2014 because I lost profitable opportunities due to lack of skills which Emmanuel’s tutorials closed out. I was happy I took a position when he advertised his virtual tutorials in 2004, in a professional group we belonged to. Going through these tutorials have made me recovered from dearth of skills in office productivity tools, most especially, in the area of Microsoft Excel. Taking a position to purchase these courses had paid off over time. I can recount how I went through a rigorous job selection process and my Excel ...

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Eghie Akhigbe (Canada)Eghie Akhigbe (Canada)
I bough a course from you a few years ago; it was an Excel course and I enjoyed it and liked your mastery of the course

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Oriyomi Afolabi OlumideOriyomi Afolabi OlumideInvestment Banking Analyst
Mr. Emmanuel, I just want to thank you for your financial model video tutorials. They were very helpful

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