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Advanced MS Access Tutorial


Financial Modeling & Dashboard


Advanced MS Excel Tutorial


Oil & Gas Financial Modeling


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capppbAs a chartered accountant, I had worked in trading, manufacturing, oil and gas, investment banking, commercial banking, shipping and logistics, transport – all for 17 years, at the time of writing this in May 2017.

During my working life, I kept building skills in line with my career, learning about tools that will help me to be productive in my job, right from 2002.

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What my clients say

Dear Mr Daniel, I really enjoy your financial I.T innovation and productivity. Keep it up sir. I am equally pursuing a proficiency in relevant ERP. I am using Sage perfectly and still learning Tally and Quickbook with a video training by a colleague as well. In a nutshell, I will be interested in the MS ACCESS. I only know it as a sub-set of MS office though my limiting factor is time.[imonials_item]Emmanuel, I have benefited immensely from the application videos. I sude to think I am now an old school person. But, thanks to the series of application CDs, I have caught up where I left off and its making all accounting applications look easy. Bravo and keep it up.